CS 3451 Schedule


The schedule will very likely change, but it represents the current best estimate of what topics will be covered and when. The MIDTERM will happen the 8th week (Oct 8 or 10), and is initially scheduled for the 8th. It may moved if need be.

We will update it here and post announcements on canvas when things change.

Required readings are in bold. The readings are in the table on the Reading List page, which has the appropriate sections in the Second, Third and Fourth Editions of the textbook.

Any reading in parenthesis are recommended, and you should at least skim them to be familiar with them at a high level (in case you need that material to understand future chapters, or for an assignment).

Week Date Topic Readings Assignments Notes
1 Aug 20 Introduction to Class, Typescript, VS Code, Github, and Node, oh my ch 1 A0: Intro, out 1-intro.pptx 1-intro.pdf
  22 Intro cont’d      
2 Aug 27 2D & 3D transformation, CSS3 transforms Transformations, (review math in Chapter 2 as needed), Matrices   3-matrices.pptx 3-matrices.pdf
  29 Projection, Viewing View&Project A0 in Wed 11:59pm 4-viewing.pptx 4-viewing.pdf
3 Sept 3 Scene Graphs (w/ CSS3 3D objects) Quaternions A1: Transforms with CSS3, out  
  Sept 5 Raster displays, LCDs Pixels, LCD’s A1b: Animated Scene, out  
4 Sept 10 Line and Polygon Drawing Lines   6-hardware.pptx 6-hardware.pdf
  12 Hidden surfaces Hidden Surfaces A1 (first 2 parts) in  
5 Sept 17 Intro to WebGL   A1b (third part of A1) in 8-webgl.pptx 8-webgl.pdf
  19 GPU Programming and Shading GPU, Shading A2: Animated WebGL Scene, out 9-basicillumination.pptx 9-basicillumination.pdf
6 Sept 24 GPU Programming, Shading and Texturing GPU, Texture Mapping (1)   10-BasicTexturing.pdf
  26 no class      
7 Oct 1 Ray Tracing Ray Tracing   11-raytracing1.pptx 11-raytracing1.pdf
  3 Ray Tracing Ray Tracing A2 in, Friday Oct 4, 11:59pm  
8 Oct 8 MIDTERM     Prof No Office Hours
  10 Distribution Ray Tracing, Shadows Ray Tracing 12-raytracing2.pptx 12-raytracing2.pdf
A3: Ray Tracing, out
  17 Distribution Ray Tracing, Shadows      
10 Oct 22 Texture, Bump, Environment Maps Texture Mapping   Prof@UIST
  24 Polygonal modeling and data structures, Triangle Meshes, topology (2019SLIDESTriangleMeshes.pdf) A3 in (Sunday 27th) Drop Deadline (Oct 26)
11 Oct 29 Polygonal modeling and data structures, Triangle Meshes, topology (15Na.pdf) (15Nb.pdf) (meshProcessing.pdf)    
  31 Shadow Mapping Shadow Maps A4: Mesh Subdivision, out 14-shadows.pdf  
12 Nov 5 Light and Color Color 17-colorvision.pdf  
  7 Interaction and picking, More Scene Graphs, UI Software, Performance      
13 Nov 12 Interaction and picking, More Scene Graphs, UI Software, Performance   A4 in (Monday 11th)  
  14 Guest Lecture: Marlon West, Head of Effects Animation on FROZEN, MOANA, FROZEN 2   A5: Interactive Scene with Three.js, out  
14 Nov 19 Curves and Surfaces Curves    
  21 Curves and Surfaces Curves    
15 Nov 26 Pulling it together: Unity engine   A5 in (Tuesday)  
  28 Thanksgiving HOLIDAY    
16 Dec 3 TBA      
17 Dec 12 FINAL EXAM 11:20 - 2:10