Welcome to CS3451 Fall 2019

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Welcome to the Fall 2019 offering of CS3451 at Georgia Tech. We’ll be using Canvas (primarily for grades), Piazza for topic-based discussion (link in Canvas), Discord for more casual chat and discussion (invite link will be mailed to you), Github for course materials (this site, the assignments and samples).

Professor MacIntyre is primarily working off campus this semester at Mozilla, and will be primarily available through online.

Details of the resources we will use this semester include

  • this course site on github.com/cs3451, where all public course information (this site) and assignment samples will be hosted
  • github classroom, where assignments will be distributed and collected (we will collect student github.com ID’s the first week of class, to set this up)
  • canvas, where grades will be posted, along with internal-only announcements and information
  • piazza, for asynchronous discussions
  • a discord channel (link will be posted to canvas), for synchronous discussion and chat
  • OneNote Class Notebook (accessible via Office365), where notes from class will be posted